satan lives in the Edwards Aquifer…

In 1896, an artesian well drilled in San Marcos to supply water for a federal fish hatchery surprised many by producing a menagerie of blind and colorless life, including shrimp, sowbugs. and six-inch long salamanders. Zoologists at the Smithsonian Institute declared the find as “..the most remarkable discovery of subterranean life ever made.” The Dallas Morning News quipped that “[t]here would surely be good fishing in that subterranean river if one could get at it with a hook and line.”

Other wells drilled in the Edwards Aquifer also produced cave life, including Satan eurystormus, a blind catfish lurking in caves over a thousand feet below San Antonio. Only a few inches long, the last live specimen was caught back in the 1980s. Satan is back in the news after scientists at the University of Texas recently CAT scanned (CATfish scanned?) preserved specimens to better understand the species.

press release
San Anotnio Current

photo from the Smithsonian Institution

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