(interim) Charge(s)!

[updated 1/21/18 to include the Lieutenant Governor's specific charges on Harvey] Between regular legislative sessions, the speaker and lieutenant governor assign tasks--called interim charges--to various committees under their purview. The speaker released a single set of charges whereas the lieutenant governor release three rounds, one specific to Harvey on September 28th,  another on October 23rd and … Continue reading (interim) Charge(s)!

do computers dream of groundwater?

Recent articles note that an artificial intelligence program named CARMEL is not only trying to decrypt notes from the Zodiac Killer but is also writing poetry on the side. I decided to see what CARMEL had to say, poetically speaking, about groundwater: Aquifer Water constellations chronic low! With mushroom market Morrison formation! Can hear collecting conversations flow, … Continue reading do computers dream of groundwater?

a settled petition?

After groundwater conservation districts set the desired future condition for an aquifer, a legally defined interest in groundwater can petition a district challenging the reasonableness of that future condition. A desired future condition is a management goal that impacts how much water can be pumped from an aquifer. In the first round of setting desired future … Continue reading a settled petition?

satan lives in the Edwards Aquifer…

In 1896, an artesian well drilled in San Marcos to supply water for a federal fish hatchery surprised many by producing a menagerie of blind and colorless life, including shrimp, sowbugs. and six-inch long salamanders. Zoologists at the Smithsonian Institute declared the find as “..the most remarkable discovery of subterranean life ever made.” The Dallas … Continue reading satan lives in the Edwards Aquifer…