do computers dream of groundwater?

Recent articles note that an artificial intelligence program named CARMEL is not only trying to decrypt notes from the Zodiac Killer but is also writing poetry on the side. I decided to see what CARMEL had to say, poetically speaking, about groundwater:


Water constellations chronic low!
With mushroom market Morrison formation!
Can hear collecting conversations flow,
Boiling underground contamination.

Cotton pavement painted gravel sand,
They handle human concentration drains.
A self-destruction hurricane O grande!
The stockings slaughtered under gravel plains.

Construction children screaming tooth decay!
A hundred billion dollar bearer channel,
Prescription pictures over boulder clay,
Water watching water table gravel.

A face of accidental injury,
Throughout the neighborhood utility.

Water Table

Cathedral crawling ceiling valley floor!
The corner drinking plastic coffee maker.
An engine shooting screaming oven door,
Night transmission sleeping surface layer.

Marble kitchen table throwing ice,
Surroundings breathing bottom dollar dipping!
Dismembered stomach smoking loaded dice,
Construction motorcycle motor filling.

Prescription swimming supermarket feeding!
Spaghetti self-destruction large enough!
Of chocolate water eating chicken steaming,
Vanilla leather dripping Bishop tuff.

A breakfast table spreading Sandy soil,
Beneath the water boiling water boil.


Formaldehyde police Professor ar.
An orange plastic politician error,
Mushroom mountainside de Santa mar!
A headless human sensitive detector.

A burning constellation Roger bacon!
Congratulations Persian calendar!
Outstretched construction hostage situation,
The sleeping self-destruction tank commander.

Policeman scratching on Omega T,
Breathing boiling water rigid body!
Machine transmission television V,
A Russian rollercoaster drinking Donnie.

Computer captain English racing driver,
The table walking water mountain biker.

Desired Future Condition

Fulfilling final transformation may,
A nation under total expectation!
Controlling consciousness without delay!
Of human conversation realization.

A surface spent extremely time-consuming,
Collective sickness seeking sinful nature.
Computer confidence conditioned choosing,
Dismembered individual behavior.

Another rule and only one decision!
Construction confrontation you must wait!
Misplaced prescription physical condition,
Reflections through the total terminate.

A voice of understanding necessary,
Afraid of self-destruction something any.

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