headwaters at the comal

I visited (along with my compatriots) Headwaters at the Comal on Friday to (1) check it out and (2) harvest ideas for San Marcos Springs. Hosting the uppermost bubbler of the Comal Springs System, the property is owned by New Braunfels Utilities (NBU) and has historically been an industrial site for a well field (still there) and maintenance site for vehicles and other equipment. When NBU no longer needed the full property, they considered selling it but quickly realized they were sitting on something special.

The new vision is to create a public space of trails and facilities that celebrates Comal Springs and its headwaters and educates the public about water. Working with a design by Lake Flato, Ten Eyck, and the Wildflower Center and with funding from the Utilities and donors, Phase 1 is nearly complete.

Phase 1 involved revealing the previously “capped” headwaters spring (which was previously capped), building a trail system, and contouring the property for stormwater and visual interest. The result is a gorgeous undulating trail lined with limestone gabions and well thought out interpretive stations.

The future will bring the repurposing of utility buildings into pavilions (there’s one now), classrooms, and meeting facilities. The future looks bright at the headwaters!


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