Texas groundwater news: October 2022

Groundwater-related news articles over the last month that I am aware of. I provide these as an FYI—I make no guarantees on the accuracy of these reports (despite some occasional editorializing on my part [or my participation in an article!]).

·  Local aquifer district cancels November elections

·  Groundwater Conservation District urges support for upcoming waste collection

·  UT, San Antonio Zoo partner to detect aquifer wildlife

·  Railroad Commission investigations, sampling give insight into problems at Lake Boehmer

·  Texas Comptroller Glenn Hegar discusses need to expand water capacity

·  Groundwater sampling helps better understand Edwards-Trinity Aquifers

·  Stewarding Aquifer Field Day set for next week in Muncy

·  Texas pumpkin season sub-par, glimpses broader drought impact

·  Drought takes toll on country’s largest cotton producer

·  Desalinating Seawater May Not Be as Sustainable as It Seems

·  Cryptocurrency miners line up to come to Texas, and rural counties are welcoming them

·  New research maps Honduran aquifers’ water supply

·  Panhandle Runs on Water: Depletion of Ogallala Aquifer driving up drought risk

·  Hickory Underground Water Conservation District No. 1

·  Texas, Improve Your Water Sustainability

·  Lawsuit between Texas and New Mexico over Rio Grande water stretches into 9th year

·  The Great Texas Water Plan

·  The Nature Conservancy Supports Proposition A to Protect Open Space in Kendall County, Texas

·  Stage 4 restrictions now in place for Edwards Aquifer permit holders, but not SAWS customers

·  Court allows rock quarry over Edwards Aquifer to proceed, giving opponents whiplash

·  As Rio Grande Shrinks, El Paso Plans for Uncertain Water Future

·  SAWS to keep Stage 2 water restrictions in place despite EAA moving to Stage 4

·  Researchers Find ‘Significant Rates’ of Sinking Ground in Houston Suburbs

·  University of Texas, San Antonio Zoo partner to detect aquifer wildlife

·  Edwards Aquifer Authority returns to Stage 4 permit reductions

·  The ground is sinking fast in some of Houston’s richest suburbs

·  Abandoned “dry hole” oil wells are polluting Texas farms, ranches and groundwater. The state won’t fix them.

·  New EPA report reveals Jones Road Superfund remedy ‘not protective’

·  Q&A: Lone Star Groundwater Conservation District candidates speak on groundwater, subsidence

·  Assistance Available for Plugging of Abandoned or Deteriorated Water Wells

·  Usage conditions for groundwater conservation district could change

·  Texas announces Rain Catcher Award recipients

·  Austin is looking for a place to store massive amounts of water to pull from during droughts

·  Texas Couple Finds Massive Underground Cavern On Their Property

·  Why some Houston suburbs are sinking

·  ‘Dry hole’ wells can leak contaminants, but they aren’t being cleaned up by the state

·  Protecting the Edwards Aquifer through conservation, outreach

·  Edwards Aquifer Authority Education Outreach Center welcomes endangered Texas blind salamander, hosts naming contest

·  Q&A: Austin Aquifer Storage and Recovery project

·  Reeves County Groundwater Conservation District hosts second annual conference 

·  Our Water Matters

·  Three private water well screening meetings set in the South Plains

·  Barton Springs Edwards Aquifer District hits critical drought level for the 1st time since 2013

·  City of Austin searching for location to store large amounts of water underground

·  Officials are desperate to save the Ogallala Aquifer, which could be 70% depleted in 45 years

·  States inch closer to Rio Grande settlement

·  Agreement may resolve Rio Grande water dispute

·  Trial off in Rio Grande Supreme Court case; settlement back on the table

·  Texas Company Asks EPA To Allow Disposal Of Fracking Wastewater Into Aquifer Near Pavillion

·  Water Permit Approved That Could Export More Water Out Of Robertson County Than The Combined Totals Of College Station, Bryan, And Texas A&M

·  Air Force tackles PFAS at former Wurtsmith with $4.7 million expansion of pump and treat system

·  Edwards Aquifer Authority moves from Stage 4 down to Stage 3 permit restrictions

·  Expanding water rights biggest accomplishment for retiring G.M. at CRMWA

·  Dried Up: Hydrologists dig into Jacob’s Well, prepare for explosive Hill Country growth

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