Texas groundwater news: September 2022

Groundwater-related news articles over the last month (September 2022) that I am aware of. I provide these as an FYI—I make no guarantees on the accuracy of these reports (despite some occasional editorializing on my part [or my participation in an article!]).

5 thoughts on “Texas groundwater news: September 2022

  1. ‘Mantle rain’ – that sounds like magical thinking. I am not comfortable with the ‘Deep groundwater’ article – poorly written and not scientific.


      1. They made the rounds more than 12 years ago, hitting all the universities – I spoke to them and all they wanted was money – and university sponsorship – to drill a deep deep hole.


  2. Great list, will keep me busy for a while but what about that Austin Chronicle article that came out last week. Wish It Would Rain about the Tx Tribute Festival. Good article. DW


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