recent groundwater news

“San Marcos biologists have backup plan to protect endangered species in Edwards Aquifer”

“Water watchdogs sound drought alarm”

“Edwards Aquifer the lowest it’s been in four years”

“Removing the mystery of groundwater”

“How Wells & Aquifers Actually Work”

“What residents, officials are saying about Burnet County being in a drought”

“When a Quarry Closes, Can Its Damage Be Undone?”

“Pipe Dreams: El Paso’s plans for water importation from Dell City still 20-30 years away”

“Pipe Dreams: El Paso’s plans for water importation”

“‘We’re still here’: West Texas town dealing water to El Paso contemplates its future”

“Texas could have at least 150,000 abandoned or deteriorated water wells”

“Railroad Commission, MPGCD test water at Lake Boehmer”

“A look at Dell City, Texas, the ‘Valley of Hidden Waters'”

“Commentary: Boring Co. tunnel a threat to historic springs”

“After a decade, conservation efforts seek balance in San Marcos River”

“Proposed solid waste facility draws fire”

“Fast-Sinking Texas City Could ‘Disappear’ In 80 Years”

“Experts discuss possible environmental challenges, concerns with tunnels planned for Central Texas”

One thought on “recent groundwater news

  1. That is a mixture of groundwater news! One (I think it was discussing the mystery of groundwater) suggested that 5 of 10 springs in the Edwards were fed by groundwater – interesting. I wonder what the other 5 were fed by, if not groundwater. This is a mixture of sciency articles that are not all written by a science writer! Thanks for pulling these together.


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